Say Hi to Erica Foulkes!

Say hi to Erica Foulkes! Outside of modeling, Erica loves spending time in nature! She also enjoys dancing, cooking, and eating meals with loved ones. Her sense of style relies heavily on comfort and how the clothes make her feel. She says that she loves timeless styles that can be forever trends, especially something like a big skirt or pair of pants paired with a tank. Some of her fashion inspirations include her old theater teacher and Miss Frizzle from The Magic School Bus! Her spirit animal is a butterfly because of the way she connects with their transformation, their sensitivity, and the way that they charge in the sun. Outside of being a model for our agency, she is currently studying to become a family counselor, but also has interest in becoming an environmental educator one day. Something on her bucket list is to do a full moon hike and meet an elephant! A few artists that she loves listening to right now are FKA Twigs, Eartheater, Frank Ocean, and 070 Shake. A motto that she lives by is “be a lover AND a fighter”. We are THRILLED to have Erica Foulkes on our women's board!


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